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Creatures and Petz Paradise
Last updated Saturday, Janurary 23, 1999
Norns to Download
This is Star, a Norn with a very odd mutation. He is a pure Norn but, for some reason, has the head of a Grendel. This characteristic will be passed on to his offspring and he and his descendents are recognised by the computer as pure Norns.
Download Star
Chibi is one of Star's daughters and has the head of a male grendel. As well as this obvious mutation, Chibi is the youngest norn that I have ever seen become pregnant. Her age is 0:07 and she is in the advanced stages of her pregnancy.
Download Chibi
Ruth is another Norn that was born as an adolescent. In this download, she is 0:00 and is able to mate. She is the daughter of Chibi. As you can see from the picture, she also has the head of a male Grendel.
Download Ruth
This is Talia, another of my favourite Norns. She was born as an adolescent, and, as you can see, has the head of a Grendel. The thing that makes her more interesting than some of my other Norns is that she has two tails. Talia is part Creatures 1 and part Creatures 2 Norn so has the tails of both. Weird, isn't it...
Download Talia