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This deals with: what seal is leaking in my faucet.

Come in set down, grab a drink before you get too cozy, I'll be shutting the water off to fix the leak!

Faucet leaks
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This is the common kitchen faucet, not always the high neck. One problem people have is knowing what seal to change for what leak. Most faucets today are Peerless or Delta brand, both made almost identical. This makes it easy to say that the leak will be the same as well as the repair in both. If you have a drip coming from B, this is repaired in the handle shut off area. The cause is a small rubber disk as round as a pea with a spring. Get the repair kit for this and follow the directions. Replace both at the same time. If you have extremely hard water, or are nearest the end of the water main, you get more grit than anyone else, causing your seals to go in less than a year. It would be good to consider the glass type sold at plumbing stores. With a cost around $10.00 it may seem expensive, but it beats those leaks, the constant repairs, and thinking a more expensive faucet would be better. No matter the price of the faucet, if your replacing seals in less than 7 months, you have trouble. An expensive faucet would be a waste of money, the problem is still there. If you have a leak at the bottom area {A}, locate the one that's leaking. In all three "A" areas they have an 0-ring that allows water to leak from them. Again, you can get a kit to replace this ring and stop this leak. These last 2 or more years and have little "REAL" cause for leaking, just age and some wear. All the above are easy "do it yourself" projects. Just pull the cover off that has "C" for cold and "H" for hot, remove the screw, pull the handle up to remove. Then you see a hex shape nut that can be removed with a wrench, or just pliers. Lift out this cylinder after the nut is removed, and you see the 0-rings on it. Look down where the cylinder came from and you see the spring and seals. The center is the easiest of all, it has little ridges on it, I cover these with an old rag, then use pliers to unscrew it. Again you'll find an 0-ring on this also. If it's in the kitchen or bath it doesn't matter they are all the same {mostly}.

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