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Can you do this? Even if you're a FEMALE?

Hi my name is ART and I think you can do SOME THINGS!




Even with the fact that I'm male, I think you can do this on your own. In the past few years plumbing fittings have changed, making it easier for you to fix it and save. These fittings can be found in large home improvement stores, small hardware and even department stores. As usual, shop around, the price does vary.

this gives some idea of what they look like


This is the best I could do, being I'm not a pro at this, but it gives a good idea of what they look like. They come in T's, elbows, and different type valves that work on copper as well as ridged or flexible plastic water lines. But not on galvanized, you can replace or join to it, but the nuts do not work on it. The one shown is a union, if you wanted to fix the leak in the line shown ( well some what, if you use your imagination )you need 2 of these and a lenght of pipe 1, even 2 inches less than what you would cut out. Tools needed, pliers, crescent wrench, pipe wrench, the choice is yours, any 2, mix or match, a saw and the water turned off. The large plastic nut goes onto the pipe first, then a thin metal washer, followed a cone shaped washer, this goes 3/8 to 1/2 inch or more from the tip of the pipe. Then you just twist the nut onto the type fitting you are using, turn with tools TILL IT SQUEAKS! It takes little to do this. Do the same with the other nuts, washers, and fittings. Now turn on the water, check for leaks. Give a 1/4 turn at a time to stop any leaks you may have, no need to shut the water off, this is fast easy work. The directions are on most packages, they are made by several companies, I haven't found one to be better than another. Just one of those easy fix its I have come across and want to pass along, I believe in saving money.

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