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... hello visitor ...

welcome to mico's homepage. this is my fourth try to make one, and after fooling around with flash, as well as other fancy stuff, i finally decided to go back to the basics; thus, this is it...

i am not going to bored you with details of my previous failed attempts, so here is the point of my homepage:

over the course of my life, i have been graciously given the chance to travel to different places, meeting many new people, and experience many new things. there are regrates; however, they are all wonderful memories. i shall try to put them on the web so that you can share my joys.

enjoy your stay. :o )

ps. no, you will not find any incriminating evidence here.



another two months of absence.. yes, i know there isn't a consistency and i am away more often then being on, this and that; blah, blah, blah..

so let's see what's has happened since the last time i've posted something here...

kraft: srf, second review forcast, was done last week; without any submissions, life is a bit slower. however, six months actuals will be open in two weeks of time and we are once agagin back to being busy.

this week is the ap finance conference, being a lowly trainee, obviously i am not invited; however, yesterday the ap office brought us, the analysts and the "core" group to sovereign hill. the reason is for a team-building event, but hey, free dinner and free site-seeing, i am happy. anyway, sovereign hill is the location of australia's gold rush, during the mid-19th century. in addition to being a gold mine, it also is the location of a rebellion, from the miners to the governing british rulers, later named "blood on the southern cross," and the first pledge of legion to a non-british flag on australia. it was a good as the whole area is designed according to the time period and they have people dressing up as the people of that period also. in addition to walk around the area, we also go a tour of the gold mine and pan for gold. unfortunately, i didn't got any nor the gold is enought to make anyone rich, but it's a fun experience for sure.

aiesec & others: it's going to be a long weekend this weekend because of the queen's birthday; some trainees have organized a trip to somewhere, and i am sure it's going to be a lot of fun. last weekend there was another cook out, which basically are trainees cooking something of their native food and others eat. obviously, it's an gathering event.

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