Hi! I am a husband and father who has a passion for home projects and for home workout equipment. I'll be the first to admit that I am a "homebody" who is happy just to be at home with my family and working on the house or play equipment for the kids. If you like my page, feel free to contact me!

Jan. 2004- Basic updates. I have had over 100 request for plans of my Loft Beds.

December 5, 2001- Revamped site layout and added some new content.

June 5, 2001- Added new pictures of the Loft Bed #2 project, including completed and detail pictures.

June 4, 2001- Added new pictures of my boardwalk project in progress. Final pictures soon!

Hey! Take a peek at my company's website. I did most of the webmaster duties for this site. If only I had as much time to do my own site!

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