Transplanted Southerners

Camellias are a joy to see. They grow well in our climate, especially if sheltered a bit from direct rain. Ours like it best under tall fir trees, where sunlight can get to them at an angle, but not at "high noon." These southerners can hold up well in this climate most years unless there is a severe frost. If they are well sheltered, even that won't kill them. My favorite plant is 15 years old and has survived a freeze so severe that hundreds of our evergreens snapped overnight.
Camellia flowers come in a range of delicate colors, from white to ivory to pink tones. The perfect, waxy blossoms show beautifully against their glossy dark green leaves. They display well, whether on the bush or as a single lovely blossom in a vase. May is blossom time for camellias in our garden.

Camellia Images

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