Cultivated or Gone Wild?

      The phlox plant is hardy in this area. A variety of phloxes thrive in the moist climate, from the low-growing phlox that creates a rather dense ground cover to tall, leggy phlox plants that spring up as volunteers along many of our roadsides and long rural driveways. The colors range from near-white to bright pink to deep purple, and now include some interesting two-toned variegated forms.

      The earliest plants start blooming in April, while others wait until May or even June to show their stuff. I prefer to leave them growing along the driveway or in the garden to appreciate them, for they are too fragile to last long as cut flowers. They become sad so quickly in a vase!

      Phlox Images

      The various graphics on this page were created by repeating and manipulating my original photo (above). They can be used as page backgrounds or buttons. Feel free to use any of my phlox images on your pages, but please, please credit Diane's Designs for them, and place a link from your site back to that page or to this one. Thank you!

      View a different Phlox Border background graphic. This one has pale aqua for the solid color.

      Tiled background image

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