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Plumbing 101! Your plumbing information source.

Try not to let this happen in your home! Hello, and welcome to the Plumbing 101 Information Center. We are here to help you with your "Do It Yourself" plumbing needs. Got a question? E-mail us.(Click on the man with the jackhammer for e-mail) We will be happy to direct you to all of the right information to get the job done, and get it done right.

We have a licensed plumber who is willing to answer any and all of your plumbing questions. He will be happy to give you his personal attention and his professional advice so you will be able to get your job done right.

We also have a few pointers and facts to help you along in day to day activities and keep your plumbing running smooth. Be sure to check out our message center and give us any ideas and/or input that you may have.

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