The Search For Roots

In October of 1996, I started to actively pursue the research of my family lines. I have traveled extensively for genealogical information and pictures in addition to the time spent in online investigation. What follows is the information I have entered on my computer at this time. Please keep in mind that I have a very large quantity of information and pictures that has yet to be entered into my program. I figure I am a good 6 months behind in data entry at this point. I hope the following is of interest and helpful to those that also work these lines.

If you have more information on any of these lines, I would appreciate the opportunity to obtain it. If you have questions or can use any of the information I have on these lines, please email me with the link at the bottom of the surname page. Happy hunting!!



The Circle Of Life

Arrangement by Dr. A. J. Stavert-Dobson

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