A Listing of Books About the Various Parishes

Some of these books can be found at the large booksellers on the internet, at some parish libraries, and some large university libraries in and outside of Louisiana.  The books are grouped alphabetically according to parish.  I have noted the books locations I know of at the bottom. If you are not near one of the locations listed you should check your local library for an Interlibrary Loan Program to see if they can borrow books for you. Some of the books are also available at Barnes and Noble.

Also check out these websites for Louisiana genealogy books:

Caldwell Parish

 1. A History of Caldwell Parish, Louisiana
      E.B. Cottingham. Kelly, LA, 1938

2. Caldwell Parish Gardens of Memories
      Lynn Alford.  Columbia, LA: Progress Print Company, 1970.

3. Caldwell Parish in Slices: Beginning a Brief History of Caldwell Parish: 1838-1971
      H. Ted Woods.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's Publishing, 1972.

4. Caldwell Parish in Slices; Biographies: Continuing a Brief History of Caldwell Parish, La., 1838-1971
      H. Ted Woods.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1983.

5. Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, 1838-1900; computer indexed marriage records
      Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA, 1981.

6. Caldwell Parish Marriage Records, 1838-1901
      John C. Head.  Shreveport, La: J & W Enterprises, 1994.

7. Cemetery Inscriptions of Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. Volume I *
      Claudie E. & Betty B. Hodges.  Shreveport, La: J & W Enterprises, 1997.
      (Includes listings for Adams, Bethany, Black, Brown, Columbia Hills, Cross Roads, Fellowship, Good Hope,
       Hargrove, Hebert Methodist, Hickory Springs, Holum Baptist, Little Star, Lowe, McDaniel, Mount Pleasant,
       Mount Rose, New Bethel.)

8. Cemetery Inscriptions of Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. Volume II
      Claudie E. & Betty B. Hodges.  Shreveport, La: J & W Enterprises, 1997.
      (Includes Listings for Old Bethel, Old Union, Palestine, Pleasant Hill, Roberts, Sandy Bayou, Tidwell, Welcome
       Home, Yarborough & Zion Hill.)

9. Echoes from the Millpond: A Brief History of the Louisiana Central Lumber Company, 1902-1952
      Wm. T. Childress.  Caldwell Parish Library, 1987.

10. Family Papers, Henry Michael Hyams, 1843-1953

11. Papers of William Dixon, 1860-1905
12. Reflections of Caldwell Parish in Pictures: A Pictorial History of the Columbia Area

Catahoula Parish

13. Alexander K. Farrer Papers, 1804-1865, Adams County, Mississippi, and Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
        Bethesda, MD: University Publications of America, 1989.

14. Angus Buie family papers, 1811-1830

15. Bowie Family Papers, 1807-1861

16. Catahoula Parish Cemeteries
        Baton Rouge, LA: VAAPR, Inc., 1984.

17. Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, 1878-1900; computer indexed marriage records
      Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA.

18. Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, v.1, Bits and Pieces
        Olla, LA: Memory Lane Enterprises, c1984.

19. Catahoula Parish Marriages
       Sophie Crawford Haley.  1982.

20. Diary of Powhaten Clarke, 1862-1863

21. Early Catahoula Parish Marriages, 1825-1846

22. 1850 Census of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
        Carol Knight.

23. Emily Turpin Scott Papers, 1850-1935

24. First Settlers of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, 1808-1839
        Carol Young Knight.  Aledo, TX: C.Y. Knight, 1983.

25. Henry B. Mandeville and Family Papers, 1815-1865
        Bethesda, MD: Univeristy Publications of America, 1989.

26. Henry B. Mandeville Family Papers, 1815-1925

27. Isaac Thomas Family Paper, 1813-1919

28. John Hampden Randolph Family Papers, 1823-1889

29. Jonesville Through the Mirror of Time
        Jonesville, LA: Avery, Winegart, Womacl, 1978.

30. Letters, 1852-1876, of James G. Taliaferro

31. Liddell Family Papers, 1813-1919
        Westport, CT: Microform Division, Greenwood Publishing, 1973.

32. Medical Daybook, 1839-1844, Alexander R. Hendry

33. Moses Liddell Family Papers, 1813-1919

34. My Recollections of Sicily Island, La
        Allena Hopkins Stafford.  Jena, La: Stafford, 1981.

35. My Young Family of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
        Carol Young Knight.  Aledo, TX: C.Y. Knight, 1994.

36. Plantation Store accounts book, 1889-1958

37. Slave bills of sale, 1856, Elijah B. Cotton

38. Slavery in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
         Rolaan Morton Cotton.  1968.

Franklin Parish

39. Franklin Parish, Louisiana, 1843-1900; computer indexed marriage records
       Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA, 1982.

40. Index to Marriage Book A
       Grace Turner Pardue. Franklin Parish, LA: 1969.

41. Yesterday's Roll Call: A History of Ward-Bend Cemetery
        Ona Ward Gardner.  Gilbert,LA: O.W. Gardner & F.B. Malcolm, 1988.

Grant Parish

42. My Grant Parish Home
        Joel Lafayette Fletcher.  Lafayette, LA, 1961.

43. Cant Hooks and Dogwood Blossoms: Pollock's Story
       Gladys Selvidge Brewer. Pollock, LA: G.S. Brewer, 1987.

44. Cant Hooks and Dogwood Blossoms: Book II
       Gladys Selvidge Brewer. Pollock, LA: G.S. Brewer, c1991.

45. Family Papers, Kate Kingston Grant

46. Indians of Grant Parish
        Esther Adele Etheridge. New Orleans: Louisiana Historical Society, 1940.
47. Grant Parish Cemeteries
        Mary Dell Fletcher.  Bossier City, LA: Everett Companies, 1990.

48. Grant Parish, Louisiana; A History
        Mabel Fletcher Harrison and Lavina Mcguire McNeely.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1969

49. Grant Parish, Louisiana, 1809-1900; computer indexed marriage records
        Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA, 1982.

50. The Triumph of Reaction: Political Struggle in a New South Community, 1865-1898
        Joel M. Sipress, 1993.

Lasalle Parish

50. Lasalle Parish, Louisiana, 1910-1920; computer indexed marriage records
       Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA, 1982.

 51. History of LaSalle Parish
        LaSalle Genealogical Association Staff.  Curtis Media, Inc., 1989.

Lincoln Parish

52. A History of Lincoln Parish, Louisiana (M.A. Thesis for University of Texas)
        Robert William Mondy.  1934.

53. Cemetery Inscriptions of Lincoln Parish, Louisiana *
       Claudie E. & Betty B. Hodges.  Shreveport, LA: J & W Enterprises, 1997.

54. Historical Studies of Lincoln Parish: Commemorating the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Pierian Club
        Mary Frances Fletcher.  Ruston, LA, 1960.

55. Lincoln Parish History
        ed. Mary Frances Fletcher & Ralph L. Ropp. Marceline, MO: Walsworth Publishing Co, 1976.

56. Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, 1873-1900; computer indexed marriage records
        Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA, 1981.

57. Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, Marriage Records 1873-1901
        compiled by Willie Huffman Farley.  Shreveport, LA: J & W Enterprises, 1987.

58. Notes on a history of Lincoln Parish, Louisiana
        Kathleen Graham. Ruston, LA: Polytechnic Institute, 1945.

60. Probate Records
       Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana Archives & Special Collections, 1985.

61. Reconstruction and the White League Movement in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana
        David Rabb Cargill.  1993.

62. Ruston Remembered
       Clarence E. Faulk. Ruston, LA: Media Center Staff of Lincoln Parish Schools, 1985.

63. The Thomas Jewett Goree Letters
         Bryan, TX: Family Historical Foundation, 1981.

Ouachita Parish

64. Contributers of Ouachita Parish: A History of Blacks to Commemorate the Bicentennial of the United States of
         Black Bicentennial Committee of Ouachita Parish, 1976.

65. Diary, 1879-1884, of Henry Frellson

66. Family Papers of Samuel C. Bonner

67. Index to Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, Probate Records, 1800-1870
        Margery White and Ben Achee.  Shreveport, LA, 1969.

68. Louisiana Tombstone Inscriptions
        Daughters of the American Revolution.  1957.

69. Medical Daybook, 1839-1844, of Alexander R. Hendry

70. Northeast Louisiana: A Narrative History of the Quachita River Valley and the Concordia Country
        Frederick Williams Williamson.  Monroe, LA: Historical Records Association, 1939.

71. Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, 1809-1899: computer indexed marriage records
        Nicholas Russell Murray.  Hammond, LA, 1978.

72. Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, Cemetery Records, V. 1-6 *
       Claudie E. & Betty B. Hodges.  1993.

73. Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, Marriage Records *
       John C. Head.  1993.

74. Papers, 1794-1881, of Juan Filhiol

75. The Marquis de Maison Rouge, the Baron de Bastrop, and the Colontl Abraham Morhouse- Three Ouachita Valley
      Soldiers of Fortune: The Maison and Bastrop Spanish Land "Grants"
         Jennie O'Kelly Mitchell & Robert Dabney Calhoun.  New Orleans, LA: 1937.

76. W.P. & Joseph Renwick Letters, 1863-1884

Rapides Parish

77. Above the Falls: and Historic Cotile
        Patsy K. Barber.  LeCompte, LA: Bayou Boeuf Publishing, 1994.

78. African American Inhabitants of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, 1 June- 4 Sept, 1870 *
       Harry F. Dill.  1998.
79. A History of the Rural Schools of the Czech Communities of Kolin and Libuse
       Rosie Ann Walker.  1986.

80. Aspects of Life in Rapides Parish at the Turn of the Century (Thesis at LSU, Baton Rouge)
       Sue L. Eakin.  1964.

81. Central Louisiana Families in 1880: A Genealogical Guide to Rapides Parish During the Post-Civil War Period
       Verda Jenkins Ruff.  Forest Hill, LA: V.T. Ruff, 1986.

82. Early Medicine in Rapides Parish, Louisiana
       May Thornton White.  Alexandria, LA: Woman's Auxiliary of the Rapides Medical Society, 1970.

83. Family Papers, 1818-1881, of Ezra Bennett

84. Family Papers, 1858-1955, of Mary E. Compton
       Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Libraries, 1955.

85. Fourscore and Eleven: A History of the Jews of Rapides Parish, 1828-1919
       Martin I. Hinchin.  Alexandria, LA: M.I. Hinchin, 1984.

86. Historic Cotile
       Patsy Barber. Baptist Message Press, 1967.

87. Historical Report, O'Shee House, 1601 Fourth Street, Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana
       Ruston, LA: The Department, 1985.

88. LeCompte: A Plantation Town in Transition
       Sue L. Eakin.  Baton Rouge, LA: Venture Productions, Inc. 1982.

89. Louisiana en passant, 1966-1970: The Newspaper Writings of Winston DeVille
       Winston DeVille.  Ville Platte,LA, 1986.

90. Name Index to Some Probate Dockets of Rapides Parish, Louisiana
       Norman Rose.  Shreveport, LA: J.&W. Enterprises, 1990.

91. Northup Trail Through Central Louisiana: Beginning at Louisiana State University at Alexandria and Leading
      Through Rapides and Avoyelles Parishes
       Sue L. Eakin.  1984.

92. Papers, 1842-1886, of John H. Ransdell
       Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Libraries, 1949.

93. Rapides Parish History: A Sourcebook
       Sue L. Eakin.  Alexandria, LA: Historical Association of Central Louisiana, 1976.

94. Rapides Parish, Louisiana: A History
       George Purnell Whittington.  Alexandria, LA: National Society of the Colonial Dames in the State of Louisiana,

95. Rapides Parish: An Illustrated History
       Sue L. Eakin.  Northridge, CA: Windsor Publications, 1987.
96. Rapides Parish, Louisiana, 1865-1900; computer indexed marriage records
       Nicholas Russell Murray. North Salt Lake, UT, 1984.

97. Rapides Parish Pensioners in the War of 1812
       ed. Charles E. Raymond, Jr. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1977.

98. Rapides Post- 1799: A Brief Study in Genealogy and Local History
       Winston DeVille.  Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1968.

99. Rapides Post on Red River: Census and Military Documents for Central Louisiana, 1769-1800
       Winston DeVille.  Ville Platte, LA: W.D. DeVille, 1985.

100. Rapides Remembers, 1875-1975: a chronicle composed by G.M.G. Kramer, text by Hope Farrar Kramer
         Baton Rouge, LA: Franklin Press, 1975.

101. Reprint of Rapides Parish Section of Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northwest, LA
         Bossier City, LA: Tipton Publishing Co., 1975.

102. Sesquicentennial Edition, 1807-1957: Our First 150 Years
         Alexandria-Pineville, LA: Alexandria Town Talk, 1957.

103. The Biography and Genealogy of Yves Hypolite Beaubouef
         Royce C. McNeal.  Alexandria, LA, 1970.

104. The Cherry Winche Country: Origin of the Redbones: and, the Westport Fight
         Webster Talma Crawford.  Woodville, TX: Dogwood Press, 1993.

105. The Family of George David Parham and His Two Wives, Catherine Gourley of Claiborne County, Mississippi,
         and Mary Ann Marler of Rapides Parish, Louisiana.
         Janice Martin Stockton.  Woodville, TX: Dogwood Press, 1996.

106. Thomas Overton Moore Papers, 1832-1865.
         Bethesda MD: University Publications of America, 1989.

107. Three Pioneer Rapides Families *
         G. M. Stafford.  Baton Rouge: Claitor's Publishing Division, 1968.

Union Parish

108. Account of Service in the 12th La Inf by Aaron Charter Harper, 1863

109. Cemetery Inscriptions of Union Parish
         W.C. Nolan.  Shreveport, LA: J.&W. Enterprises, 1990.

110. Early Union Parish Marriages, 1839-1857

111. "In defense of our country...": the letters of a Shiloh Confederate soldier, Sergeant George Washington Bolton,
        and his Union Parish Neighbors of the Twelfth Regiment of Louisiana Volunteers (1861-1864)
         Sue L. Eakin.  Bernice, La: 1983.

112. Papers, 1960-1963, of Douglas L. Manship

113. Papers, 1861-1863, of George M. Dixon

114. Some slaveholders and their slaves: Union Parish, Louisiana, 1838-1865
         Harry F. Dill. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, c 1997.

115. The Descendants and Some Ancestors of James Meriwether and Julia Calhoun Hamilton, 1853-1939
         Fred and Freida Hamilton.  Ruston, LA: Fred & Freida Hamilton, 1995.

116. Union Parish, Louisiana, 1839-1900; computer indexed marriage records
         Nicholas Russell Murray. Hammond, LA, 1981.

117. Union Parish, Louisiana, Marriage Records, 1839-1900
         John C. Head.  Shreveport, LA: J.&W. Enterprises.

 Winn Parish

118. Briley's Memorial History and Cemetery Directory of Winn Parish
         Richard Briley.  Montgomery, LA : Mid-South Publishers, 1966.

119. El Camino Real: The King's Royal Highway Through Winn Parish
         Frank Mobley. Dallas, TX, 1995.

120. In the Service of Our Country: World War II, Winn Parish, La
         Winnfield, La: Winn Parish Printing Company, 1945.

121. Masonry in Winn Parish, Louisiana, 1857-1983
         Eugene Love. Winnfield, LA: Winn Parish Enterprise-News-American, 1983.

122. Obituary Index 1925-1980 of Winn Parish, Louisiana
         Raymond Carpenter.  Winnfield, LA: Winn Genealogical & Historical Association, 1998.

123. Plantation, Town, and Country; Essays on the Local History of American Slave Society
         Elinor Miller.  Urbana, Ill.: University of Illinois Press, 1974.

124. Populism in Winn Parish
        John Milton Price.  1969.

125. United We Stand?: An Analysis of Winn Parish in the Civil War
        Susan P. Davis.  1977.

126. Winn Parish History: Winnfield, La, 1985
         Winn Parish Historical Society, 1985.

127. Winn Parish, Louisiana, 1888-1915; computer indexed marriage records
         Nicholas Russell Murray.  Hammond, LA, 1981.
Some of books that are located at these libraries are noted by number within the parentheses.
* I could only find these books at Barnes & Noble. You may want to also check the other booksellers online.

James C. Bolton Library (2, 43, 44, 46, 48, 55, 67, 86, 100, 114, 121, 126)
LSU at Alexandria
Alexandria, LA

LSU Libraries (2-5, 9-12, 14-21, 23, 24, 26-30, 32-39, 41, 42, 46-48, 50, 55-58, 63-71, 74-77, 79-119, 121-127)
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Ledoux Library (2, 4, 8, 11, 12, 39, 40, 48, 49, 50, 56, 58, 67, 86, 96, 97, 111, 116, 127)
LSU at Eunice
Eunice, LA 70535

Noel Memorial Library (1, 6, 34, 55, 57, 120, 125, 126)
LSU in Shreveport
One University Place
Shreveport, LA

Prescott Memorial Library (9, 21, 43, 47, 55, 57, 60, 61, 110, )
Louisiana Tech University
P.O. Box 10408
Ruston, LA 71272

Shreve Memorial Library (2, 5, 9, 34)
424 Texas Avenue
P.O. Box 21523
Shreveport, LA 71120

University of Texas at Austin (2, 48, 51, 67, 118)
Austin, Texas 78701

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