Petenwell A.K.A. Necedah Bluff


Many Moderate to Expert Sport and Trad climbs on Sandstone towers overlooking the Wisconsin River. Alot of good top-roping available also. Routes here range from 5.7 to 5.13,most in the 5.10 to 5.12+range. This is a scenic and rugged area even though its only a short walk from the highway. Most people should just keep going to Devils Lake if they plan on doing alot of climbing. Its hard to find routes, the terrain is rough, bugs are bad most of the year, and there is no guidebook. So, unless you know somebody that knows the area well, you'd probably be better off at "The Lake".


As far as I know, there are no climbing restrictions in this area. I have heard of people being told not to climb there by rangers ( or Police?) but I can't confirm whether or not this is true. The land is owned by the state and could possibly be affected by any DNR regulations ( which they are looking into ). If you visit, Please respect the environment, stay away from any fragile ecosystems and bring a garbage bag with to clean up anything you may find. Also, If you are concerned about possible access issues, join the Access Fund or WOA, Wisconsin Outdoor Access.


Pictures of me on the 5.10 route on the south west tower.

Pictures of me Y-Crack, 5.10C

Y-Crack pictures page 2

Nathan on Y-crack.

Nathan on Whiskey A go-go, 5.12D/13A.

Whiskey pictures page2.

Pictures taken by Nathan Kutcher of me climbing Air, 5.6. A sweet route with an awesome view.

Pictures of me rappelling off of "Air"5.6.