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27 December Surf Session: Pics - Report

Hi, I'm Matte from Italy, I play surf and bodyboard in Genova, Liguria, Italy. My favourite spot is Capo Marina, a little beach near my house. Here, there aren't always waves, so when it's possible, I run catchin' them. We are a small grouop of locals which surf every season of the year, expecially  in the summer, 'cause we haven't got to go to school and the water is quite warm. In the last time, many people (maybe seeing this page) are coming, little by little  with us. I hope you'll enjoy this page, and come with us for a surf. 

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This page is Shared in many parts, principally there are the review of the best spots of Liguria, there are also some link to the main surf organization and articles on all which can interst a surfer like The Big Wednesday section


Have a look to the bear surf boards site, which has just opened, you'll find surf, snowboards and skating.

Spots in Liguria:
With clickable links .. 
Spot: Wave's Height Vote N of Surfers
Capo Marina 1,5 - 2,5 mt 7 10
Bogliasco 1,0 - 2,0 mt 6,5 15
Chiavari 0.5 - 3,0 mt 7,5 20
Varazze 1,5 - 3,5 mt 8 30 +
Levanto 1,5 - 3,5 mt 8 30 +

Most of the pics you'll see in this page are taken by me and scannerized, some other are taken from the best surf sites on the net like the ones on the left column of the screen, other else, from magazines like Surf Latino an scannerized by me.

The big Wednesday


This film is my cult movie, I think all the surfers have to see it.
There are no word to describe all the emotions which it can transmit.
You can fin some documentation here, comprending two little clips taken directely from the film.

The main logo of the film 

    Two Clips from the film in QuickTime


No matter what rolled in on the 
tides of time, California surfing 
buddies Matt, Jack ans Leroy 
knew they'd stick together. And 
that they'd be ready when a rare 
20-foot swell hit the coast at last. 

Big Wednesday celebrates 
surfing as much as the most 
dedicated kid who ever waxed up 
a board. And it's more: a 
fascinating 1962 - 1974 chronicle 
of friendships and lifestyles in 
transition. John Milius 
(Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn) 
directs and co-scripts, investing 
 Big Wednesday with his own 
 passion for the ultimate ride and 
 truthful feel for those turbulent 
 times. Stars Jan-Michael 
 Vincent and William Katt are 
 accomplished surfers; co-lead 
 Gary Busey (Point Break) 
 learned for the role.And the 
 sensational cinematography 
 drops you inside some awesome 
 barrels of the ocean blue! 

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