My name is Milroy and this is a page which is dedicated to punk bootlegs and 7" Vinyl types.
Below you can click and link up to read my rules for trading. Most of the rules are pratical ones but you should check 'em out. Below are a list of my live concerts and rare demo's on tape. Click on the Vinyles link to see what demo's and shows I have on 7". Check out and see some of the reviews I have written for teh shows I have been to. Check my Wantlist too, anything from any of the bands on there I will trade for and I will do 2:1. The new deal is called a 3:2 and beyond(I better get a patent on this thing), you send me however many tapes you want(I am putting the max at 4) and 1 addtioinal tape for me. I send you your tapes back full of wonderful music. I, being the ruthless business man I am will come away with a tape to help furthur my quest for ALL. Note: This deal is one that is more generous than most people's so make sure you send enough postage, (55c a tape) I don;t wanna get stuck with a bunch of tapes I can't send out cause I need to pay for postage. If you think this deal is cool mention it to someone else. Check out my tapes and drop me a line.

Happy trading. .


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2-15-98, 40 min. A-
2-16-98, 40 min. A-

Berkely, CA 5/16/87 45 min. B

Blink 182
Mesa, Arizona 20 min. A-
Camden, New Jersey 60 min. A-
x/x/97, Los Angleles, CA 40 min. A

Blue Meanies
Cambridge, MA, 10/17/96, 40 min. A

Bob Dylan
Newport Folk Fest, '65, 25 min. A-
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, '66, 45 min. A-
Band Sessions, LA, '65 45 min. A

Bob Marley
San Fransisco, CA 10-30-73, 90 min. A-
London, UK, 7-18-75, 50 min. A
Pittsburg, PA, 9/23/80. 70 min. A

Buffelo Springfield
Montery Pop Festivil, 6-18-67, 25 min. A

The Roxy, London, UK, 4/2/77, 40 min. A

The Clash
London, UK 9/5/76 40 min. B
Islington, UK 8/29/76 30 min. B
Birmingham, UK 5/3/77 60 min. B
Leicester, UK 7/2/77 35 min. B
Mont de Marsan, France 8/5/77 B+ 45 min.
Elizebethian Suite, UK 10/1/77 10 min. A
Malmo, Sweden, 10/7/77 B+ 45 min.
London, UK 7/24/78 B 45 min.
Notre Dame Ballroom, London, England, 7/6/79 B 45 min.
London, ?/?/79 90 min. A-
Palais de Sport, Paris, France 2/27/80 A- 45 min.
Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, 2/1/82. A 35 min.
Asbury Park, NJ 5/31/82 80 min. A
Bond's , NYC, NY, 10/31/82, B+
NY, NY, 3/^/80 B+
Aragon, Chicago, IL, '79 A-
Mickey Foote Demo's 25 minutes A
Rope Demo's 35 minutes A+

Mabuhay Gardens, San Fransisco, CA, 11/2/82, 30 min. A-
Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA ,9/11/85, 45 min. A
Wabash Hall, San Diego 9/14/85, A 40min
Norwalk, CT, 6/"/87, 30 min. A-
Seattle, WA 4/16/97 60 min. A
Chicago, IL,5/9/97, 30 min.(partial)B-/C+
Enjoy Sessions A+ 20 min
Everything Sux Sessions(from Bootleg Vinyle) A- 10 min

Less Than Jake
Alchula Musik Festivile, Gainesville, FL 10/7/95 45 min. A
Chicago, IL 5/9/97, B 60 min.

Ontario, Canada 5/8/96 A-

Minor Threat
Obannion's ,Chicago, IL 3/18/81 45 min. A

Mr T. Experience
Norfolk, VA, 7/1/95, 60 min. A-

Boston, MA, 3/03/96 45 min. A
Boston, MA, 6/26/96 45 min. A

Naked Raygun
Chicago, IL, 11/30/97, 90 min. A-

Neil Young
Cincinatti, OH, 2-10-70, 90 min. A

New York Dolls
NYC, NY, 4/14/74, A-

New York, NY 11/19/94 60 min. B+

Perth, Australia, 2/2/97 45 min. A-

Operation Ivy
Berkely, CA 1989 45 min.B+
2-19-88, 45 min. A-

Paul Simon
Zimbabwe, Africa, 8/2/87, 90 min. A
Madison Sq. Garden, NYC, NY, 12/13/87, 90 min. A
(both these shows have numerous guest apperances, Springstien, Joel, etc)

Webster Hall,NY, 3/25/97 45 min. A-
"Pietasters Live!", Virgina, 90 min. B+(two shows from Virginia, 6/?/96 and 2/"/97)

Newcastle, England 4/27/89 30 min.
Leysin Festivel, Switzerland 11/4/91
Lido Beach, CA /89 75 min. A
Richmond, VA, 5/22/88,60 min. ,A
Boston, MA, 5/15/88, 30 min.B
Urecht, Holland, 6/25/91 A-(partial)
DooLittle Demos, 30 min. A+

CBGB's, NYC, 5/15/75, 45 min. A-
The Club, Cambridge, MA, 5/12/76, A- 45 min.
Indianapolos, IN, 12/6/79 45 min. A
NYC, NY 12/20/82, 60 min. B+

12-12-93 40 min. B
3-27-96, 60 min. A-
Holleywood, CA, 12/5/97, 30 min. B
Wetlands,NYC,NY 9/24/94 A 50 min
Live Pyuria, Holleywood, ?/?/95 A 50min
The Garage, London, UK, 1995
Knoxville, TN
Rochester, NY, 3/31/96, 59 min. A-
Syracuse, NY, 7/13/96, 29 min. B+
Berkely, CA, 6/26/93, 45 min. A-

Sex Pistols
Winterland, SF, CA, 1/14/78, 30 min. A

Boston, MA 10/21/95 40 min. A
Chicago, IL, 3/23/96 30 min. A-

Suicide Machines
Side Door, St. Louis, 3/27/96 45 min.
Metro, Chicago, 4/26/97 A- 40 min.

Tom Petty
4/5/90, FL(i think),90 min. A-
Oakland, CA, 11/24/91, 90 min. A
Tuscoloosa, AB, 10/6/95, 90 min. A
Fillmore, Sf, CA, 2/7/97 140 min. A

Velvet Underground
Columbus, Ohio, 4/11/66, B 60 min.
Cleveland, OH, 7/30/68, 30 min. B+
La Cave, Cleveland, OH, 10/4/68, 35 min. B
"End Cole Ave."Dallas, TX. 10-27-68, 180 min. A-
Boston,("Tea Party"), 12-12-68, 60 min. A-
Hilltop, NH, 8/2/69, 80 min. A-

Voilent Femmes
Chicago, IL, 3/16/89, 60 min. A

Montery Pop Festivel, 6/18/67, 20 min. A
Capitol Centre, MD, 12/6/73 70 min. A-

Heres a little something for any bands mentioned on this sight or any others. Any show on here I have the CD of that band. I am not trying to strip you of your Royalities. Totally oposite. Some of you guys only have a few albums I many of us need more. So we turn to bootlegs. I have heard some nasty hings said about bootlegers like w are breaking the law and selling out in our own way. It just isn't true. But if any band feels they can't be on here then I'll lift you from the list then go jack your CD from Blockbuster Music(just kidding).

For the long list of REM bootlegs traded on this sight click here Do not e-mail the address on this link only the blinking one on the bottom of this screen. But Anyway if you are interested in my meager selection you can drop me a line at mpbrown@concentric.netbut in mean time
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