Killer Bee's Tournament Paintball Team

Top Row: Brent Bumgardner (Bum), Dana Weinke (Pump God), Tim Bratton (Stinger), Dave Dillman (Dillbilly), Kurt Barnes (Part Time), Kris Bratton (550)

Bottom Row: Rob Stewart (Gonzo), Lance Reynolds (Spidey), Ryan Bowman (Crash), Jeremy Winters (Fuzz), Art Cross (Gramps), Dave Merrit (Smits)

Killer Bees Win 1999 ICC State Championship!

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Killer Bee Contacts

Name Phone Number
Tim Bratton 765-452-3568
Kris Bratton 765-457-9837
Rob Stewart 765-883-8074

Killer Bee History

Based out of Kokomo, Indiana, The Killer Bees were created in the fall of 1988. Making the Bees one of the oldest established teams in Indiana. We have always tried to promote and further develop the sport. In 1992 we made the move from recreational to tournament play. Now we are going to advance to more national tournament play. With the drive and commitment to playing tough and having fun we have established ourselves as a formidable and fair playing team in the amateur tournament circuit.

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