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This tune is called "for an angel" (by Paul Van Dyk).

"What's the purpose of this site?"

First of all I'd like to welcome you here *shakes hands*. Now I suppose I should tell you why I decided to make this web site. Well, for one thing, I wanted inquisitive people to learn about the infamous Katsky in an interesting format, and another reason was to allow friends and family (here, interstate and overseas), to catch up with the "going ons" of my life. Oh, and to share some of my passions in life (ie. music and travel). Enjoy!!
*make sure your volume is on to hear the music on each page*

I must admit that I seldomly update this site, perhaps a few times a year, therefore the information and images are not "up to the minute". I will eventually place photos from the 2007 Tasmanian and tropical north Queensland, and 2005 European holidays etc. Still need to scan photos from September 2000 USA trip (slacker!).

The best way to navigate yourself through my web site is to follow the arrow at the top and bottom of each page, which will lead you systematically through the whole site.


Information on Myself

Australia, My Home

Marvellous Melbourne

The Facets of Katsky through Photos

Photos of Andrew

Photos from Events

Photos with Family

Photos with Friends

Photos from RYLA

Photos from School/Uni Days

Travel Related Photos: Australian Holidays

Travel Related Photos: Overseas Adventures

Travel Related Photos: Friends from Travels

My Love of Music

Music "what's going on around town" Guide


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Created by Katarina (Yes, I learnt all the language needed): March 25th, 1998.
Last updated: November 2007.

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