[blatant lie] Because public outcry was far greater than I ever imagined [/blatant lie]
Greetings people of the internet. Welcome to my website. The humor here is not funny, the people are all real, and the pictures of me very hotttt. You have been warned.
SPECIAL! Clay's NFL Playoff Predictions Week Three
Nov 23rd- OK so it's been 10 months. Time flies eh? Well, ther internet has been demanding an update, so update I have. To the left, you'll find Clay Greyson's Late Night talk show, a MSpaint production I made when it was announced Kilborn was stepping down. I intended to send it to CBS executives, but alas lazienss prevailed like ususal.

Feb 28th- The results are in! The JPE Awards 2k3!
Click here or go through the nominee page. Also, a link has been added to my videos page for the Clay Tribute video that everyone seems to LOVE. Check it out.

Jan 16th- Joe and Clay's Excellent Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo was an excellent time. Check out the pictures and stories. Thanks to all the people who were nice enough to get their picture taken.

Jan 15th- Playoff picks Week 3 is up. JPE Awards coming soon, I gotta bring my camera to school for pics of the potential winners though... couch*CARGILL*cough

Jan 11th- I just spent like 3 hours moving this whole site to the new servers and new adresss, If there's any problems, report them to me. Because this took so much work, I ain't doing the JPE Awards just yet. But in honor of all the new webspace I have, the videos section is back. Enjoy!

Jan 8th- This weekend's playoff picks are done, so check it out above. JPE Award results are coming soon, I'm lazy and you all know it.

Jan 2nd- Not a real update. Are you kidding? If I started updating daily people would like expect better and better quality updates, and I can't have that. All I did was add a link to my photo albums from my new digital camera, right above here. Be sure to check em out, and check out Rib's photos too (under Frankeats's favorite users on the left). Oh, and I gave old updates their own page. Cause this was getting long.

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