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Hay I see you've found your way to my page. Well now that your here i might as well tell you a little bit about myself.  Well I turned 21 on August 26, 2003. I am a graduate of Miami Palmetto Senior High School. I like to play hockey, ice and roller, and I have been playing for about eleven years now. I received my Associate in Arts Degree from Miami-Dade Community College. Aside from hockey I also like to go bowling with my friends although im not really good at it. I also like to play laser tag and go to the movies. I listen everything but mostly to rock, alternative, heavy metal, some ska and some punk. Some of the bands i really like are Metallica, Limp Bizkit, KoRn, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, Sublime, Tool and so on. If u want to leave me an e-mail just click on my e-mail address. CrazyBum420@hotmail.com. I am also on the hot or not website feel free to leave your rating of me at HotOrNot or just click on the picture to the right ;)
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Hay well thats it i really hope that you enjoyed it and if you have any suggestions please e-mail me and lemme know. If you can please sign my guestbook. Its the link next to this.  Well thanx for visiting and have a nice day.