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Well, yeah, it's MY home page. Not much of one, but it is home. I keep adding to it as I have time and learn more. I am 42, male, married. Have blue eyes, short brown/blonde/gray hair, 5'5", around 175 lbs, and Caucasian. I'm a graduate of Georgia Tech (BSEE) and Georgia State (MBA). I really like to travel a lot. I especially love to ride motorcycles on long trips and love the mountain roads. I was riding a Honda VFR700F2 Interceptor, '87 model for those that like the details. But, some scumbag stole it on my Birthday July 16th! So, now I got a newer one, a '91 VFR750. I enjoy reading, walking, hiking, writing to friends, swimming, exercising sometimes, women in general, playing with PCs, travel, cooking, and dabbling in new things/hobbies. Well anyway, welcome to my home!

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