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Last modified: 23rd September 1999

Welcome to my home page. It is a bit of a mixture of random things; I hope you like it.

You may notice that my page doesn't have much in the way of tables, groovy graphics and the like. This is intentional (not just laziness!) because:

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Got a pension, bank account or mortgage?
Human Rights groups
Organisations campaigning for those whose human rights have been violated.
Special needs computing
How computers can help disabled people.
Environmental organisations
How to have toilets but no sewers, and more.
Charities campaigning on Third World debt and fair trade
The developed world gives "aid," but how about justice?
New Internationalist Magazine
Each issue is devoted to a different topic, which could be Human Rights, development, class, nomads, or anything. Their site's quite nicely done.
Stuff about Cambridge (UK), where I live.
Computing bits and pieces
A nice extension of my own to Emacs for C-hackers, and other stuff.
Funny or amusing things
Other sites I find funny, plus one or two things of my own.
Friends of mine with web sites
A rogues gallery: the obligatory name checks.
About me
More than you'd ever want to know! (apart from my home phone number)
Spot the Hats!
An on-line game! Anyone (who can see) can play! Graphical browsers only.
Kentwell 1520
Some photos from a trip to Kentwell Hall, Long Melford.
The Other Bob Salmon!
I have a namesake!

Please leave your comments in my guest book. Send me an email!

Sigh! No-one loves me; only counter visits since 20th March 1998, and those were mostly me!

I am a member of the Bob Ring!

A tribute to all the Bobs of the world

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