TITLE: RainForests - Under threat!!!

After five billion years of evolution, an amazing myriad of life forms exists on our planet. Although the actual number of species that exist on Earth is in dispute, it is accepted that the rainforests harbour the greatest diversity of species. It is this very habitat that is being raped and destroyed at an unprecedented rate.

The aim of this site is threefold:-

  1. to pictorially illustrate the beauty of the rainforests.

  2. to describe the ecology of the rainforest and its crucial role in the maintenence of our atmosphere.

  3. to suggest ways in which you can protect what remains of the tropical forests.

Please take your time to browse through this site, and if possible, join the battle to save the rainforests. We owe it to ourselves, to generations yet to come, and indeed - to the animals and plants that share this planet with us.

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