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Do you know the history of the Large Wooden Badger? Do you know the Bible talks about it? Scholars have kept these things secret for centuries!


Find out some really disgusting things about the Large Wooden Badger which is probably better left unread.


No stone is left unturned here in the in-depth discussion of the mating habits of the Large Wooden Badger.


Food & Hunting
Are they carnivoures, herbivoures, or zaazaagabors? Read about their gathering and eating rituals.


Special Adaptations
They may not have a prehensile tail but they can easily get around the rainforest canopy.


No!!! There is actually something that would endanger the lives of those cute big guys? Tell me more!


Review our incredibly professional looking charts and graphs to see just how large a Large Wooden Badger is.


Little Known Facts
Be the life of the party when all eyes and ears are on you, the seeming authority on Large Wooden Badgers.


How to Build Your Own Wooden Badger
What do you do if your pet store doesn't carry Large Wooden Badgers? Build your own!!!


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Links to other Badger-related sites which link you right back to us.


Favorite Photographs
For pet badgers only...see pics of the family pet.


Report Sightings
For wild badgers only...view actual sightings in the wild of this rare creature.


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