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Yes, Ray & Helen have moved to Florida.  We moved in Febuary of 2006.  This all happened very quickly and it is nice to be retired to do things on a whim if one so chooses.  We went down for a two week vacation in January 2007 and mainly upon Ray's persistance decided who wanted to stay where it is cold in the winter when one didn't have to be there.  So a two week vacation turned into a decision to move to warmer weather.  Almost a year later and have not looked back.  So far it has worked out great for us.
So we found a place in Orlando, about two blocks from Sea World.  The above picture is from the front door of our apartment.  It was a nice place, a one bedroom apartment that was very small, less than 600 square feet but it was fine at first because it seemed like we were on one big vacation anyway.  Ray even worked at the apartment complex as a part-time groundskeeper.  Helen didn't work for a little while then took a job part-time at Liz Claiborne.  
Ray left the groundskeeper job and decided working for Walt Disney World would be fun.  So Ray took a job driving Disney buses again only part-time in June 07.  Ray still is driving buses and is really enjoying it.  Meeting all kinds of different people from all over the US and even the world,  Ray is finding out little secrets on places to visit in retirement from talking to the guests who are enjoying their time a Disney World.
Around the end of August 07 Helen had the opportunity to work at the apartment complex as a sales representative.  It was a full-time job and she decided she would try it out.  She gave it a try for about two months but it just wasn't for here and went back to Liz Claiborne part-time again. 
Shortly after, the end of November we decided we needed a bigger apartment.  Things were just to cramped with visitors, mainly our girls and grandson.  All three girls have been down to visit, at least once, Josh, Jennifer and Brycen twice, and Jodi will be here for the third time this Christmas.
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