Please excuse the poor graphics above ... we are no DTP artists. Anyway, we are from Malaysia and we would like to share interests & thoughts on anything at all, apart from providing a comprehensive information link site on our beautiful country, Malaysia.

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It's Visit Terengganu Year in 1997. (Terengganu is a beautiful, idyllic state on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia which also happens to be MY homestate!)
Malaysia - A Travel Guide by Kensfield Communications
Home Page of the Malaysia Tourist Promotion Board, NYC, USA
Sarawak Online (check out this great site!)
Flora - Short Article on Malaysian Rain Forest
The Orangutan - "Concern for orangutans indicates concern for the planet"
The Malaysian Timber Council

If you find that you can't get enough of this (stop flattering yourself, Sam) .... there are other Malaysians' personal home pages that you might be interested in browsing through.

OUR FAVORITE SITES - This "trial period" thing is definitely cool! -No need to go to the newsstand anymore! love those comics, especially "Dilbert & Dogbert"
National Geographic-This month's features those cute and loveable Siberian Tigers

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Visit Malaysia Online (MOL), the mother of all links in Malaysia

Read All About It! The Star Online - Malaysian Daily

You have seen our sceneries, read our papers, and now you simply have to LISTEN to our radio stations (6)

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