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Some updates about me...Deemer's Dominion (p.1)
Alright, it's been a while since I've last updated my
homepage...but now I'm back for a bit with some changes, it's not
much, but change is good.
So anyways, for those of you who have been here before, welcome
back. For those of you new, welcome as well.
Well, just a little personal info update, this is my senior semester
at Allegheny College...OH YEAH BABY! OH YEAH! I don't know
where my BS in Psych will get me, but I'd like to hope for
med-school after some post-graduation time off :) Who'll
be either that one day I'll be preserving your eye sight with
enhanced laser techniques (I'd like to be an ophthalmologist when I
grow, I mean, after graduation...that's fancy-shmancy for eye
surgeon), or I'll be grillin' and flippin' your burgers at the local
gourmet McDonalds...I'd much rather do the former. And for all you
burger flippers out there...more power to ya! Americans need to
eat...I NEED TO EAT! So, whatever pays the bills is all good.
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