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Personal Information

* How to get ahold of me
* Where I live
* My work
* Some projects I've been working on
* Educational background
* My thesis work


How to get ahold of me

Alessandro Zorer
Sodalia S.p.A.
Via V. Zambra 1, 38100 Trento, Italy.
Phone: (+39) (461) 316-265
Fax: (+39) (461) 316-201


Where I live

caldonazzo lake Caldonazzo Lake
Trentino's map Trento and Trentino (from APT Trentino) Trentino-Alto Adige (from Windows On Italy)


My work

I'm working as senior software engineer in the Reuse Group of Sodalia S.p.A., a joint venture between Bell Atlantic Corporation and Telecom Italia. Sodalia develops advanced software for the management of telecommunications services and networks.


Some projects I've been working on

An interactive reasoning system (a theorem prover with Natural Deduction inference rules, decision procedures, rewriting, and more) developed at Mechanized Reasoning Group at IRST (Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica).
The Sodalia's Asset Library Management System (SALMS) is a system for classifying and retrieving software assets, which are made of one or more artifacts produced at various stages of the software life-cycle. It plays a strategic role inside the enterprise, promoting a systematic reuse diffusion and the existence of reusable assets.
A WWW Server prototype which has been developed by the Reuse Group and released internally by the end of 1995. The main services provided by this version was: general corporate recognition and information (based around corporate reports and other corporate marketing information), an overview of the Company's structure, a search engine, statistic usage facilities, support to whoever would publish information inside the server, and navigation tools.
new RACE
It is a Sodalia customization of the ACE Class Library version 3.3, originally developed by the Department of Computer Science of the Washington University. RACE extends the SOCK_SAP wrapper with the support for X.25 sockets, and HP-UX (9 and 10) Operating Systems.
new Alarm Browser framework
Alarm Browser is an object-oriented framework implemented in C++ which manages the storing, retrieval and visualization of records of different and highly customizable format. It plays the role of a subsystem that user applications can use to access a data repository (RDBMS or file based), and that human operators can use to visualize information records by means of a filter matching retrieval mechanism in a full graphically way, based on the Motif "look and feel". The framework consists of a repository manager (that can also be used separately, as an ndependent component) and a GUI (based on top of the repository manager).
new ESSI PROFANES project
The PROFANES ( PRoteus domain analysis method and Object-oriented Frameworks Applied to Network traffic data collection Evolutionary Solutions) project aims to reach the following three objectives:
  1. Demonstrate that the Domain Analysis techniques derived from the PROTEUS method are adequate to capture the knowledge about an evolutionary domain.
  2. Demonstrate that Object-Oriented Frameworks design techniques are adequate and efficient to capture in a stable model the generic features of a domain component.
  3. Demonstrate that Domain Analysis techniques combined with Object-Oriented Frameworks together enable software reuse within a domain, by allowing multiple instantiations of the domain component, thus reducing overall time-to-market and increasing software quality.
new Bulk Data Transfer Framework
This framework is defined and implemented within the scope of the experimentation activities of the PROFANES ESSI project. Its scope could be summarized on the following points:
  1. Acquire some data from some external Producer(s).
  2. Transform the data in a business-dependent way (e.g. sort or filter on the basis of some defined criteria).
  3. Store intermediate data.
  4. Provide minimum application level management functionalities (e.g. error notification and application tracing & logging).
  5. Distribute resulting data towards external Consumer(s) (OSS or RDBMS).
Data acquisition and data distribution can be based on different communication mechanisms (TCP/IP, FTP) and on a wide variety of application protocols based on top of them. Intermediate manipulation may or may not be dependent on the contents and format of the data. The Bulk Data Transfer component includes a shell which provides the mail loop and the basic recovery procedure, and a library of access operations to the local data storage (in this implementation, the file system). In addition, it contains a set of ready-made elaboration of general interest (including both acquisition and distribution via ftp).


Educational background

books High school degree: Perito Tecnico Informatico at Istituto Tecnico Industiale Statale ``G. Marconi'', Rovereto (TN)
University degree: Laurea in Scienze dell' Informazione (Computer Science) at University of Milan


My thesis work (only italian version)

botton Definition and implementation of a formal system for the mechanization of the bidirectional reasoning
The thesis deals with topics related to Logics, Artificial Intelligence and Automated Deduction.


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