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Distance Education Courses via Correspondence from South Africa

Welcome to the Home Study College Eco- Education page on the WWW. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to join us here in South Africa the RAINBOW NATION and obtain a Diploma in Eco-Education in any one of the following courses :- Diploma in Environmental Management; Diploma in Environmental Waste Management; Diploma in Game Ranch Management; Diploma in Conservation; Diploma in Marine Life Studies; Diploma in Eco-Flora; Diploma in Ecology; Diploma in Ornithology; Mater Diploma in Environmental and Conservation Management. All courss are supplied in print media and students can submit assignment via e-mail or post. For details of our prospectus and course fees please contact Chris Gradner at P O Box 5007 Cape Town South Africa 8000 Tel :27-21-643123 Fax :27-21-642568 e-mail : We look forward to welcoming you to the College worldwide student body from the Rainbow Nation of South Africa. We have come a long way from our past and can offer a future to many students through our Home Study Courses

Distance Education is your link to the World Wide Education Campaign to improve the knowledge of all mankind. Study Now for a better future!!

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