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Hi from HowlSong. This is my first page, so don't expect too much, though it had a wonderful designer, my brother Chris from DuxPond Computers. I wrote the page, he did all the work! In case you're wondering, no, I never had a wolf and don't personally own a hybrid though there is one in the family, my brother's. However, it is my dream to keep a pack of wolves, and by studying and writing a book about them, to earn my living. Most of the information on this page is from what I picked up through a great deal of reading. Some is from my own experiences with dogs, namely my Pitbull-Shepherd, Teek. He's not much like a wolf, being floppy eared, spaniel-sized, and deer-colored, but he's the nicest dog I have ever met, and that's saying alot since I have met many dogs! If I could be anything I wanted to be, I'd be, you guessed it, a werewolf. Not a wolf-man, a real wolf that could transform at any time, no full-moons for me. You can bet I'd run with the wolves. If I left out your favorite wolf link, or put in something you don't like about wolves or hybrids, give me a howl and I'll see if I can change it. Until I hear your song, may you run forever with the pack.



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