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(Site last updated on 26th January, 2004)

Potential good news. Contrary to what I have previously believed, it appears that Wildtrak will work in the Macintosh Classic environment on new Apple Macs!

Latest changes include: additional information about the demo version, including html document on using the demo and direct download from this site

This site contains information about Wildtrak computer software and a little about myself and my research interests. I hope you find the information here helpful and informative. You never know, you might even find it interesting!

About Wildtrak

Wildtrak is a home range analysis program for Macintosh computers. It is used for the analysis of radio-tracking data and has been produced commercially for several years and has helped researchers around the world.

Currently available information about Wildtrak:

General information about Wildtrak

Latest information about Wildtrak version 2

Frequently asked questions about Wildtrak

How to order Wildtrak

About Me

If you're really bored you can find out some information about me such as my jobs, research interests and publications.


You can also take a look at my obligatory links to other sites.

These are categorized and are mainly links to scientific or wildlife related sites.

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