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This web site centers around the earth's environmental problems and explains some solutions for the United States. There are many things you can do to help solve the earth's problems. I've picked some environmental sites for you to go to. I hope you enjoy my web site. Send comments to famtree83@aol.com.

Environmental Protection Agency
National Park Service
Tropical Rainforest Coalition
RESTORE:The North Woods

The North Woods is an area that covers part of the northeast United States and part of Southeast Canada. It is being rapidly depleted in many ways, however, RESTORE:The North Woods is fighting the create Maine Woods National Park, which would surround the existing Baxter State Park in Maine. Most of the information on this issue is found at the RESTORE site, and the remaing will be added to this site if I gain permission to do so. Please support this worthy cause. Donations amounts are listed on their site, and are TAX-DEDUCTABLE. However, you can donate resources other than money (such as time).

More on the Maine Woods

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Please note that the facts presented on these pages came from my memory ( a source that I cannot remember) or from The Environmental Atlas of the United States, written by Mark Mattson and published by Scholastic.



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