Welcome to my WebSite for YOU

Son, I decided to design this spot for you. I will put up pictures that relate to You. Now don't worry I'm just getting started with all these new Web Pages and I'll add more as I go along.

Son I know that when I showed you a preview of this Web Site the background color was grey colored. I felt that it didn't bring out the pictures very good so I changed the background color. If you don't like it then just let me know and I'll change it back again.

I think you will remember this one son.

I thought you would enjoy this picture of your Grandpa Bullock holding you, and loving on you. Your Grandpa loved all of you children.

Your Grandpa enjoyed Fishing like you do Son.

Your Uncle Danny enjoys Fishing too.

This was taken years ago, back when we lived on Wilson Avenue in San Diego, Calif.

You and your brother Evan.

We all were having fun with Grandma.

Your brother and sister.

Well Son I hope you like this picture of Nakoda. I used my scanner to do it, then I did a little photo editing to try to enlarge it. We'll soon see if it turns out ok on this sight. Tommy, since you told me that Crystal doesn't want Nakoda's picture plastered all over the internet I took it off in respect to you and her.



I finaly got this one of you scanned Son, I hope you like it.


here's another one that good of you, this is the one that your Grandma liked the best.


Here's the pictures of Tommy's son


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An Experiment in Chat

Another Experiment in Chat