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Last Updated on 03/10/2006 .
Since 3/06/97 [IMAGE]People have been TRAPPED in and can't get out!!!!

[IMAGE] Hi my name is Antonio Carrasco I'm 29 years old and Im portuguese. This is my web page in here I have a bit of everything that I love.yes itīs a little crumy but itīs mine!
Bellow is my all time favourite piece of Architecture....

THE TOWER OF BELEM in Portugal it was built in the 1300' that would make it hundred something years old...but as you can see it's still in great shape....I love castles they were always my favorites in this case I have been inside , when I was a kid I took a field trip there...of course that's when I was still living in Portugal. Last year I took the time to go to Lisbon and obtain the city plans of this magnificent structure and I'm currently working on them on AutoCADR13. I plan to make a 3D model of it. This is my Page it's weird but it's all mine....

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