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A rainforest is a lush part of the world where an immense variety of plants and animals live. The heavy rainfall in these areas of the world help increase the diversity of plants and animals.

Every corner of the rainforest is used by animals, plants and insects. There is an increadible diversity of plants and animals in the rainforest and there are more life forms living there than anywhere else in the world

The rainforests of the world are really important to us. They are our earth's lungs, they remove a large amount of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and replace it with oxygen, which humans and animals breathe in. We also get a lot of products from the rainforest including coffee, bananas, rubber, spices and many more.

To learn more about tropical rainforests, click on one of the subjects below.

Rainforest Levels: All of the information you need to know about the different levels in the rainforest, from the emergent level to the forest floor and great links to other sites.

Tropical Rainforests Around the World : A map showing where tropical rainforests can be found throughout the world and links to sites in Hawaii, Surinam and more.

Animals in the Tropical Rainforest: An excellent site for researching the different animals of the rainforest, there are pictures and information on at least 14 animals, as well as links to more sites on each animal. This page takes a little while to load sometimes but be patient, it's worth it.

Other Interesting Rainforest Links - Unfortunately the following pages do not link back to this page so use the Back button to return.

Good Green Fun - Music and Ecology for all Ages: This page is a great combination of songs and facts to help you learn more about different parts of the rainforest. You can download the music for the songs and all the words are given to you.

Kids Rainforest Workshop: This is a great page with information on Tropical and Temperate rain forests. Information is available on animals, people, plants and more, there are also lesson plans available through this site.

Science in the Rainforest: This is a great page with everything from a self-guided tour through the rainforest of Costa Rica to a variety of rainforest facts. This page has excellent information and is easy to work with keep in mind that the activities on this site have ended so you cannot do the trivia contest or join the electronic field trip.

Myst@Rain Forests: This is a beautifully created page mostly about the plants of the rainforest. You can take a stroll through the rainforest garden or go on a tropical tour. There is also a section on earth care and links to environmental pages such as Greenpeace, WWF, and the Rainforest Action Network.

The Tropical Rainforest in Suriname: A multimedia tour through the rainforest in Suriname with information about plants, animals and native groups. There are a variety of pictures to see and sounds to listen to as well.

Encarta's Rain Forest Page: An encyclopedia article with interesting information about various parts of the rainforest. This page includes information on the rainforest and has multimedia things for you to explore.

Rainforest Adaptations: This is a lesson plan on animal adaptations with links to other pages so that your students can discover all the information they need before working on their project. Take a look at The Rainforest Page to get even more ideas.

CyberRainforest:This is a math unit for teachers and students involving the rainforest.

WWF Kid's Site: Mostly a site on the temperate rainforests of Canada but a good introduction to the World Wildlife Fund.

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