Alice Rich Northrop Memorial Camp

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This geocities website, which has served us since 1997,
will no longer be actively maintained
and will be demolished sometime in 2002.

Photos of Northrop picnic August 1999. Stephen Spielvogel, Astrid Hanzalek, Enilda Lozada, Dawn Chavez, Nance (Recknagel) Crow (on right) with cousin, Judy Lukin, Joe Gerver, Susan Argutto, Lindsay Schaaf, basketball court, Mike Malamy and wife, Lenny Dick, inside the library, Gary and Mary Cane.

For over 70 years, the Alice Rich Northrop Memorial Camp has given underprivileged New York City children the opportunity to learn about the environment at a camp set in the Berkshires. The camp is dedicated to the belief that teaching children to respect and appreciate all life, both the natural world around them and each other, produces adults who care about the environment and who succeed in the careers they choose.

Unfortunately, in November of 1993 the camp lost its main building to fire and the camp has been closed since then.

The board is now trying to locate former campers for a reunion and compile a mailing list to keep everyone up to date on happenings at the camp. If you are a former camper or know a former camper please write to the address below or email Northrop

We are trying to raise funds to rebuild the camp. If you would like to make a donation or have a skill you are willing to contribute (construction, fundraising, publicity, CPA, legal work, etc.), please contact Northrop or write to:

Alice Rich Northrop Memorial Camp
c/o Norval Soleyn
925 Lincoln PLace
Brooklyn, NY 11213

And if you have a web page and would be willing to link to ours, we would be most grateful.

In the future we are planning to add more pictures to this site as well as stories and essays from former campers. We also hope to have a page listing former campers and counselors.

What would you like to see here? Please let us know at Northrop.

Veronica Adamson (camper, 1985) recently wrote: