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    This website is dedicated to teaching you more about what you are standing on, the Earth's outer crust.  The earth's crust is made up of two regions, the continental crust (40% of surface), and the oceanic crust (60% of surface).  In places where two plates are moving apart, the crust may only be 20 km (about 10 miles) deep, but in other places, such as mountain ranges, it may be up to 70 km (about 40 miles) deep.  Other topics that fall under the topic of the Earth's crust are Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plate Techtonics.  All will be disscussed and explained in this site.  I have also included a picture gallery of some of my favorite pictures of earth crust related themes. Click on any of the buttons above to begin navigating around my site.   Enjoy!




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