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Welcome to my very own personal home page. I had help putting it together from the Lynx (you can visit her home page at

In case you're wondering what Cleasai means, the Focl�ir P�ca Irish dictionary defines it as: 'a playful person or animal; trickster; juggler; acrobat; (cards) joker.' And it's pronounced like 'yaw-see', but with a 'kl' at the start.

I'm a pagan, bi-sexual, anarchist comedian, a former barter co-ordinator and current canvass director. That may seem like rather a lot of stuff, so let me explain things one by one.

First of all, I'm a pagan. More specifically, I'm a Wiccan. We do NOT worship Satan, let me get that out of the way right now. We don't drink blood or chop up babies. We're perfectly nice, pleasant people who worship Mother Earth and Father Sky and observe the cycle of the seasons as sacred. Also, we throw some really good parties.

Next thing. I'm bi-sexual. I've had relationships with both men and women. After fourteen years of this lifestyle, I can say with some confidence that this is not just a phase I'm going through. Do I find women or men more attractive? No, I don't. Sorry, I just can't be classified as gay or straight. I'm really, genuinely bi.

Now then, social anarchism. We can have an orderly, prosperous society without government as such. I think this one might stir up more controversy than the paganism and bi-sexuality combined. Anyhow, I believe in co-operation instead of competition, as a social model.

Being a comedian doesn't generally start any arguments. I've performed in cheap sleazy bars and I've appeared on community television. Also, I'm just naturally comedic in everyday life.

I once tried to start a barter network in my community. It was something called a LETS, and that stands for Local Employment and Trading System. This item could get pretty technical, so maybe I won't get into the details just now.

I finally started writing some stuff about polyamoury and BDSM. Still just the beginning stages. Those might raise some eyebrows when they're more developed.

So, watch this space for future developments. In the meantime, you can email me at

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