Hi :) This is Cathy's Homepage... I would like to take the time to thank you for checking me out. Here is some background information for you. I am a graduate student currently enrolled in the masters of education program at Grand Valley State University, with an empasis in Biology. I graduated from Grand Valley with an undergraduate degree in Biology with minors in Geology and Chemistry. During my undergraduate course work, I was granted many opportunities to conduct research in various science related fields. I have worked on a four year research project monitoring water quality at a newly constructed golf course near the campus. In addition, I have worked with a great professor in aquatics related projects looking at community dynamics of Mysis shrimp, and periphyton communities response to disturbance.

I have always loved being outdoors. During the years I have picked up many hobbies. In case your interested here is a little more information on things that are important to me.

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