Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha

Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha

(1595-1671 C E)
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Life history of Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha is reproduced here in an exhaustive manner, hence the material has been divided into different sections for easy viewing.

Green ball GifIntroduction -- A brief description of Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha's ancestry and initial life as a boy - venkatanaTha.

Green ball GifAvataras -- Introduction to four Avataras of ShankuKarna -- Prahalada Raja,Bhalika Raja,sri Vyasa Tiirtha,sri Raghavendra Tiirtha.

Greenball GifLife History -- Life history of Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha.

Greenball GifLife Works -- Contributions and Works on Dvaita philosophy by Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha.

Greenball GifMiracles performed by Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha -- Miracles performed during his life and after entering the brindavana alive at Mantralaya.

Greenball GifLast Discourse -- Before entering the brindavana alive, the final discourse of Sri Raghvendra Tiirtha

Greenball GifMantralaya --A brief sketch about the Place and MoolaBrindavana of Sri Raghvendra Tiirtha

Greenball GifHariDasa's UghaBogha's --Ugha Bogha's composed by our great HariDasa's..

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