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 Maya Villages

San Antonio is believed to be the largest Mopan Maya community in Central America with a population of around 2,000. It's located seven miles beyond the Punta Gorda turnoff.

San Pedro Columbia is a Kekchi indian village as is nearby San Miguel. Here you can experience village life, try your hand at dugout canoeing, hike to nearby caves and falls or visit Lubaantun, the largest Maya Archeological site in Southern Belize.

Santa Cruz, is located 4 miles west of San Antonio. What remains of Uxbenka can be found just off the main road, less than half a mile from the village. In Santa Cruz they have their own Guest House program. Listen to their Story Telling. From the village you can walk to Rio Blanco Falls. It's located between the villages of Santa Cruz and Santa Elena.

Blue Creek Village is a farming community at the base of the Maya Mountains. Both Maya and Mennonites live here. From the the bridge in Blue Creek it's a 20 minute hike to Hokeb Ha cave.

Along the way you'll pass the Blue Creek Rainforest Lodge, with it's 80 foot suspended walkway. Visitors can tour the walkway for around US$30.

Laguna is a Maya village near Punta Gorda. From here take a medicinal plant path to nearby Quink cave. At Agua Caliente lagoon, wood storks, egrets, ducks, herons and other large waterfowl can be observed in large numbers








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