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Pulong Tau is a 164,500 hectare area of proposed national park in the Kelabit highlands of Sarawak. Following a local community initiative (Pulong Tau means 'Our forest' in Kelabit and Lun Bawang dialects), the park was first proposed back in 1984. However the area remains to be gazetted. Within its boundaries a great diversity of plant and animal life can be found including gibbons, pitcher plants, orchids, Rafflesia, orang utan and possibly the last breeding population of Sumatran rhinoceros in Sarawak. As well as this rich wildlife, Pulong Tau boasts some of Sarawak's most spectacular scenery, the epitome of which is the proud peak of Batu Lawi. For these reasons, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) believes that Pulong Tau should be gazetted immediately and protected in perpetuity.

Between 28 August and 6 September 1998 a nine-strong expedition from the MNS Miri branch undertook to trek through the forest in the northern end of Pulong Tau from Bario to Ba Kelalan. On route, we visited the peaks of Batu Lawi and Gunung Murud, making the first ever ascent of the latter from the south. We encountered interesting wildlife and stunning scenery and, through the images and information on this website, hope to share some of our experiences.

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treeshrew sunrise pitcher plant

camp group snake

viper pitcher plant weevil

fungus big fig river orchid

Batu Lawi

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