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March 3 2000.

Visitors have passed 5000 and rising.
Thank You.

March 5 2000.

Arabone Associates commission the building of a Patrol boat.
Later this month, Dr Arabone and several  Associates will attend the keel laying for a 20 meter Patrol boat to be used in the San Bernadino Strait and other areas of S.E.Asian seas.

The Patrol boat, which will be built in Thailand, is being funded by Arabone Associates and the
San Bernadino Foundation presently being formed. (we will keep you updated on this.)

March 15 2000.

Dynamite is again reported to be used in the area between Pilar on San Antonio Island and Tagapulan Island.

March 26 2000.

Congressman Abayon once again visited San Antonio Island and whilst there Dynamite fishing was abated.
However only 3 hours after he left the Island several explosions were heard close to the village of Pilar.

March 27 2000.

A dead baby Dolphin was spotted some 2 miles south of Pilar, San Antonio Island.
It was nose up. The animal was floating on the current and in a bloated condition suggesting it had been dead for 1 to 2 days.

March 31 2000.

A large dead Dolphin has been reported by the Master of a Taiwanese vessel 3 nautical miles north of Biri Island N.Samar.

April 2000.

Reports from the Northern Samar area confirm an increase in the use of dynamite.

Meetings of the Associates were held this month in Hong Kong and on the Mekong river.

Associates present were from;
UK. USA. France. Philippines. Hong Kong. Cambodia. Thailand. Vietnam. Taiwan. Papua New Guinea. Singapore.

Capt. William S, Reported that both the Mayor of the Island and his cousin Congressman Abayon will be running for re-election.  This news has resulted in a notable increase in dynamite production and distribution at this time.
Sources say that during the year prior to elections, this always happens.
What seems to be a blatent use of political position in election funding is, to the local inhabitants, simply a "normal" occurance that has been going on since they can remember.

The Associates are a non political organization and as such must conclude that any action taken must be on a non political line

Therefore, apart from reporting and updating the situation, Arabone Associates, as members of the Associates will continue with a monitor only program.

This position will depend on any given situation at any time during this period.

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