David Hattersley -- Software Engineer for Hatsoft Incorporated

I'm a software engineer who enjoys creating innovative software.

For the past 15+ years I've been doing just that as a consultant through various consulting companies and my own Hatsoft Incorporated.

My latest software creation for Kingston Technology Company has sold over 1 million copies. Take a look at my resume for details about this and other projects (including projects for Xerox and many other companies).

I have also created Hatsoft's revolutionary hardware installation software.

I'm very interested in discussing new exciting projects!

You can Email me at hatsoft@iname.com or call me at (714) 962-6505.

Links to Related Pages and Information:

Resume -- My resume has detailed descriptions about all the projects I have worked on.

Dave's Fav's -- This is a list of my favorite Web sites. I have categorized the items so it's easy to find good information.

Kingston Networking -- Select this to get an overview of my work for Kingston Technology and links to Kingston's own Web pages.

In the future I'll be adding code samples, programs and other nice features here!

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