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....When the weather permits and the "gods of green" are smiling we like to putz in the garden. Putz is a term best describing the novice nature in which the job is attacked, or sometime surrendered. Or often the exercise might often be described as necessary.

Maintaining the time honoured tradition of potted plants with particular success we have again during the 1999 season another good year. The photographs below are quick shots from the end of a roll during a very dull day. The brightness does nothing for the magnificent blooms on the various specimens. The quantity of the blooms are at an all time high for this type of project in the area where grown.

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First view
Second view
Third view
One law of leaves

First view

1999 Photo of the west deck in mid summer showing pots full of annuals.
Again this year we have chosen the potted method of "keeping the green." The soil is important and the moisture level as you can see some of the planting was very much in the shade and yet others are always in the full sun. This makes it a challenge at best. The pots can be moved (gloomy days esp.) to allow some sun or shade as required. Hail has been a problem in past years and so far we have had only a single hail storm during this season (I am touching a large piece of wood). :)
West Deck, west view. Hanging from the post lamp are 2 pots. The red pot as seen on the far right has a fine showing of annuals, but the blue pot has gone wild. This is only a 8" pot but after a bit of RX15, boom. Blooms gone wild, see also the upper right corner of view 3 for another snippet.
Near the centre of the photo is the smallest pot yet by far the most blooms of Super Petunias per ratio of soil/bloom. I believe we have discovered the secret and this is use a DEEP pot. A wide pot offers nothing, the soil will be shallow and allows rodents more surface area to destroy the occupant of the pot.

The far left hanging pot is also a deep pot and a selection of dwarf double petunias are over taking the hardy purple impatients & a sundial mix portulaca. Makes a nice contrast.

Into the floor of the deck is a hardy cover of petunias again that the photo does not truly reveal. Left of the hanging red chair (the chair dry dock) are a magnificent showing of multicolored pansies.

Close up of the deck floor bed.
This partial sunlight view details the magnificent color. Again you had to be there.

Second view

1999 The post lamp and blue pot showing East deck forest behind.
In the centre of the photo is again the blue pot. Behind is the East deck with chairs shaded by a well grown lilac bush. Beyond the lilac is a ball shaped fully grown honeysuckle. The green market umbrella keeps the rain off of the table (not seen in photo) and a welcome sun shade as well.
The Mrs. takes her time daily pinching back old blossoms to encourage new. This is the single best thing as far as I can see to promote flower growth. Well second to a stiff schedule of fertilizer and water combined with a weatherman that lies about gloomy weather. Wind it seems for the flowering variety we chose this year does nothing good. The placement of pots where wind can adversely affect the plant makes a difference. As a young plant is growing the wind will damage and stunt the poor things as we have found. Squirrels, now don't get me started.
East Deck, East view. The grey colored railings are not simply railings. These hold a string of lamps for evening illumination, remote thermometer, LAN ports, power, etcetera. They also offer a seat for larger crowds during family events, places to put your drink (notice I didn't say rum), and most recently a bowl of water for the birds to splash in. Sadly the neighbours fur covered beast also likes the water and frequent feathered population. Yard maintenance frequently involves replanting in far left area due to my incessant need to dig it up for yet another wire or pipe. In this area the house makes a jog to the left and here lays an excellent spot to run buried pipes. My hobby of digging does not include just pipes (at least 7 conduits) but to include outdoor remote temperature readings at ground level and such just makes sense. If I did not have such things in a rigid conduit I would likely have dug them up by now. May I say thank heaven for flexible rigid conduit, this has saved the day more than once.

Third view

1999 West deck again in the shadows.
Shame the ambient light was not as good to show you the huge amount of blooms on the small window size boxes on the lamp/fence rail. Also difficult to see is the use of an angled method of deck construction that does not allow autumn leaves to accumulate near the fence. For this I can leave you assured I pat myself on the back often.
The leaves after becoming damp and heavy always are attracted to the most difficult place to be removed from during fall cleanup. This is a little known law of gardening I have recently come to respect. Just above the fence (hardly seen) is a huge poplar tree and combined with leaves from a larger tree aft side the leaves are hip deep in a matter of a few weeks come fall.
West Deck, South view. The fence frames the photo and a gate to the front yard is just visible at the far right. In the distance are potted herbs and various flowers sheltered from the wind near the fence.
Some of the smaller pots are placed on top of a plant stand fashioned of old fir plywood. This is another sad attempt to keep the tree leaves and rodents away. To a small degree it works, the whole thing makes us feel better and they are closer to the eye. The Mrs. once said it looks better as well.

Close up in the shadow of the fence.
This hidden from view detail of the crop with close focus centred on the flowers, tries to show the breath taking color. You had to be there.

First view
Second view
Third view
One law of leaves

One Law of Leaves

Thinking of the laws of gardening...

There is another force at work when autumn leaves are left on their own. Strange as it may seem but when it is a calm day and the leaves are on the ground I have witnessed a gust of wind suddenly come up the very second I open the garage door.
It does not matter which door I open, be it the overhead door or the smaller service door, leaves by the bushel seem to rush in instantly. Under the bench and cabinets I have discovered leaves from past decades, sweeping them out is futile. They must be destroyed, in other words the menacing leaf vacuum attachment for the leaf blower mulching these vermin unto dust and escort them by garbage bag to the lane. I don't even take the risk of them escaping a composter, I simply have them removed from the neighbourhood.

There are more well known laws of gardening and especially those governing summer pests such as moths, flies, squirrels & barking dogs that could take volumes to discuss so I will leave that for another time.

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