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Sample project clip in memory of his friend and former boss, Late Eduardo R. Callasan. Principal Architect, ERC & Associates, Guam and Illinois, U.S.A.

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Architectural Illustration is always welcome to whatever artistic expression you introduce to anyone, but not Architectural Design which is similar to what menu you cooked that others like the taste and others dislike. AAJ


B.S. in Architecture., 1983, COC, Philippines. Become Member of Japan Architectural Renderers Association (JARA) in 1990 and affiliated the same year to The American Society of Architectural Illustrator (ASAI). Works Exhibited from Japan, Canada and most in U.S. which included in the publications of AIP (Architecture in Perspective) Catalogue. where his work was among those selected entry for show and publicity to the Annual International Competition and Exhibition of Architectural Illustrations since 1990.
The AOIA Splash Garden "Super Whooper"  claimed as the world's largest waterslide park in Rokko Island, Kobe, Japan. AAJ's tempera rendering was exhibited in JARA's 1991 exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo.

AAJ as Architect-Renderer with NKK Corporation Amusement and Development Design Group, Yokohama, Japan. Responsible of the design, planning & construction of the AIOA Splash Garden in 1991.

AAJ at the October 1994 San Francisco, U.S.A. ASAI Exhibition & Convention
With the Korean Delegates
With the Australian Delegates

Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuala Lumpur-West Malaysia,    Singapore, Brunei, Guam Island, San Francisco-U.S.A.,  Miri City-East Malaysia, Vancouver-Canada  

Latest Works in Miri City, East Malaysia
Business Tycoon Ling Chiong Sieng Mansion (Shin Yang Sdn. Bhd.)
  AAJ as Project Architect and his contribution to the  Design and Planning and full preparation of AutoCAD construction drawings, details and consultants' coordination  with the Gordon Architect, Miri City, Malaysia. The city's well-known & leading architectural Firm.
Digital Illustration Actual Photo
      Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club
6 Years  in Brunei Darussalam
AAJ in his last remaining year in Brunei from  1999-2000 was a member of the Architectural Team of  McKerrel Lynch Architects (Australia) as System Administrator for the project completion of The Empire Hotel Golf & Country Club, in preparation of the venue in year 2000 APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Conference in Jerudong, Brunei Darussalam.
 The Empire Hotel Golf & Country Club


AAJ with the 24 Million British Pounds Controversial DPDPO Project at the background.
AAJ in his first 4 years from 1994-98 as Architect with   Geoff Malone International in Brunei with Multi-National Team from U.S., Australia, Britain and Poland.
  DPDPO in AAJ's Colored Pencil


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