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Philippine Marine Corps Seal
nscribed on the scroll accross the seal are the words
Karangalan, Katungkulan, Kabayanihan

Marine Honor Guard in Dress Blue Uniform rendering salute.
US 7.62mm M14 rifles are used for ceremonial purposes.
Photo Credit: Tides Of Change, Philippine Navy 1998.
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Marine Color Guard present the colors at the Bonifacio Naval Base parade ground. In the background is the Marine Drum and Bugle team that performs at the major Marine occasions and also is invited to many civic occasions around the country.
M.A.R.I.N.E. -
The new meaning of the acronym is;
Muscles Are Required, Inteligence Is Essential.

Marine students at the Philippine Navy Training Center learning to repair electronic equipment.
Photo: Tides Of Change
One of the duties of the Philippine Marines is to provide assistance during times of calamites.
The MARU (Marine Assistance Rescue Unit) is composed of Regular Marine units of the Combat Support Group vehicles and equipment with Reserve Marine personnel from the Fourth Marine Brigade.
Left: Marine Doctor treats his patients during an exercise or actual emergency. Many of the 4th Marine Brigade medical professionals volunteer their skill and time as members of the Marine Reserve during emergencies and civic action activities.

Above and Below: Two of the amphibious vehicles used by the Marines during natural disasters.
The LARC is a wheeled amphibious vehicle used to transport cargo from ship to shore and inland. The Aquatrack seen below is a manufactured by GKN, U.K. was acquired by the National Disaster Coordinating Center(NDCC) of the Department of National Defense. It was assigned to the Marines because of their experience in operating tracked amphibious vehicles like the LVTP-5.
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Medal of Valor winner,
Captain Custodio Parcon PN (M)
Being awarded the medal at the 1995 Armed Forces of the Philippines anniversary day parade at Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City, by President Fidel V. Ramos and the late AFP Chief of staff Arturo Enrile.
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