A Conjecture:
The Star Hexagon as the genesis of Genesis?

In drawing the six-pointed star in a top-down manner, one uses the radius to intersect the circumference three times, firstly on one side, then on the other.

In so doing, there appears to be a correspondence with the "six days of creation" in the Old Testament account of Genesis, as follows:


First Day - top segment one

Let there be light . . .

Second Day - middle segment one

Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. . . and God divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament.

Third Day - bottom segment one

Division of the Earth from the Seas; creation of grasses, trees, etc.

Fourth Day - top segment two

Let there be light in the heaven to divide the day from the night, and for signs, for seasons, and for days and years. Creation of stars.

Fifth Day - middle segment two

Creation of winged creatures, and whales, fishes etc.

Sixth day - bottom segment two

Creation of land-based animals, including, lastly, man.

Seventh Day - return to the centre of the circle

God rested.

The top segments both deal with the heavens, the middle with the area between heaven and earth, and the bottom with the firmament.

The fifth day provides an interesting connection, equating birds and fishes insofar as they are both creatures that dwell above the land - birds in the air above land, fishes in the water above land!

So I am submitting that the account in Genesis may directly refer to the geometric creation of a star hexagon (the Star of David and Seal of Solomon), being a fundamental passage from the abstract to the concrete; an early example of the view that 'the world exists because there is a Mind that can think it'. Consequently, that both literalist fundamentalists and those dismissing the Genesis account outright in the face of the entirely convincing evidence of nature may be missing the point: God as "The Geometer" in Genesis. The use of the Star Key as a means of exegesis does not stop with this passage from Genesis. I leave the fun of exploring further to the reader.

On this interpretation, Genesis was about the birth of consciousness of the material universe: in an Egyptian myth, the god Shu, after separating Nut from Geb – the world parents– began conscious analysis as an ego center by means of setting the six directions – left, right, front, back, up and down – which, viewed from the “right” 3-D perspective at a 2-D diagram, “clicks” with the six-fold division of the circle by the radius: “Only in the light of consciousness can man know. And this act of cognition, of conscious discrimination, sunders the world into opposites, for experience of the world is only possible through opposites” (p.104 of Neumann’s ‘The Origins and History of Consciousness’ - Mythos Series, Bollingen Foundation, Princeton University press, Princeton, NJ, 1995).

PS You will note that there is a total of 73 numbers in the Star Key. The number of circles of radius one that can be inscribed in it is 37 (that is, they are both 'star hexagon' numbers). See elsewhere in this home page (Religious Symbolism)for the importance of 37 - as the hexagonal perspective of the 64 cube, for example). Multiply 37 by 73 and you get 2701 which, under Hebrew gematria, is the value of the opening sentence of Genesis 1.1 - translated to English as "In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth."

Separate support for this hypothesis comes from "THE ESOTERIC STRUCTURE OF THE ALPHABET" by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, who wrote about 50 years before I discovered the Star Key (and I found this reference about 18 years ater I discoved the Star Key: "It"(B'RASHITH) "was either constructed with amazing ingenuity to express a remarkable cosmographic conception or chanced to do just that by sheer coincidence. The SH itself carries this triplicity, we have seen, in its three YODS. So that in its full esoteric sweep of meaning this first Bible word B'RASHITH would condense a far more comprehensive significance than its conventional translation would show. It would really read: 'From the beginning in his head God unfolded from his triple powers of mind the heavens and the earth in six creative stages.' This must stand as most likely the first full esoteric translation of the first Bible verse."