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Thank you for making a stop for C@fe and some tangos. Tangos are old and so are my URLs.

Argentine Connection

"El Dia Que Me Queras"
The words are by Alfredo Le Pera and the Music is by the great tango singer Carlos Gardel.
It was 1st recorded in New York City on March 19, 1935 by Carlos Gardel with the orchestra of Terig Tucci. Carlos Gardel also recorded a duet with Rosita Moreno for the movie El Dia Que Me Queras.
..........."Carlos Gardel
...........................Cada dia canta mejor."

Argentine Tango Page

Here are a few links that may assist you to understand Argentina
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A couple of handy tools / resources
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If you do not understand Argentino(a)s.
The first thing you should know about Argentino(a)s is:
The Mexicans descended from the Aztecs,
The Peruvians descended from the Incas,
but we (The Argentines) descended from boats

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