Ever since I was a child I have been interested in the Native ways...their lore, their beliefs, etc. As a boy, I was a Boy Scout, a member of the Wolf Patrol. I have always loved wolves and have sponsored one in Idaho. Her name is Raven and as soon as I get my notification, she will be a part of this page. My brother and I both were in scouts and have always done something Native. I enjoy making dreamcatchers, chokers, and other Native crafts and Mike, my brother was an Eagle Scout, and in the Order of the Arrow. He was a Indian dancer in the OA and made all of his own regalia and accessories. We have always felt that there had to be a reason why we were both drawn to the Native ways...and just recently found that our Great-Grandfather was full blooded Shawnee. We now are both on a quest to find our Native roots. I will keep you updated as to how our quest goes...but till that time, I will share Native lore, ideas, prayers, etc with you. I do hope that you enjoy the reading and visiting here.

The Dreamcatcher was made out of willow or green branches and sinew, decorated with stones, or parts of animals of certain characteristics and energies. Modern Dreamcatchers come in all sizes and shapes and in many different styles and colors. The intention remains the same....


It is believed that dreams both good and bad float through the air all day and night searching for their destination. While sleeping under a Dreamcatcher, one may feel secure that bad dreams being confused and ill-intentioned get caught in the web to perish with the first light of day, while the good dreams, knowing the right way, easily slip through the center hole, work their way down the web catching all the good energies of the stones and adornment, floating down the feathers and onto the dreamers head. One never need fear bad dreams again while sleeping under a smudged, or blessed Dreamcatcher.

Gemstones and their Meanings:

   Stone   Color Meaning
AdventurineGreenGood Luck
Leopard StoneMultiSymmetry
Tiger EyeRustPeace

Other Native Lore and Information

Legend of the Medicine Wheel

Colors of the Medicine Wheel

The Indian Fetish

The Pony Bead

Buffalo Skin Uses

Indian Taco

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

Native Symbols and Their Origin

Shawnee Wigwam Instructions



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