George Andreadakis

Rochester, MN




Over 13 years experience in Embedded Systems applied to Wireless Communications and Industrial Automation.



Designed and implemented a software program to automate production and generate statistics in a cement factory. Currently implementing a radio network between production units.

Software: Visual Basic.


Developed and installed a wireless communication network for temperature monitoring of industrial refrigeration systems.

Software: Visual Basic. Hardware: PIC micro-controller coupled with a analog-to-digital converter (ADC0811), TCM3105 FSK modem and VHF transceiver module.


Designed and implemented a system to monitor gas consumption and alarm logging for a ceramic factory.

Software: Borland C, Novel NetWare


Designed a wireless communication system between PCs exchanging telemetry and control information of remote monitoring for pumping stations.

Software: C/assembly. Hardware: PC, PLC with Windows-NT server, TI TCM3105 FSK modem coupled with VHF-transceiver modules.


Designed and implemented a software program to automate yogurt production in a dairy factory.

Software: Visual Basic. Hardware: PC, PLC Toshiba T2 series


Automated and remote administration of pumping stations. The scope of automation is to start and safely stop pumps so that the water pressure or the tank levels stay in limits. The pumping stations communicate (wireless) together or with a control center. The control room is a PC network (NT server, SQL server) from which all pump events can be monitored with an interface.

- Integrated instruments and PLCs/micro-controllers via RS232 and wireless modems that communicate with a central monitoring point. Design was based on National-Semiconductors MM74HC943 FSK modem, coupled with a voice radio-transceiver.

- Wrote the application software for telemetry and control of pump stations and water tanks.

Software: Borland C++, assembly. Hardware: 6502 based Mitsubishi M50747, National-Semiconductors MM74HC943 FSK modem


President of Engineering contracting company (Industrial Automation Systems and Solutions)

1994-present: Hologram Ltd. Thessaloniki GREECE

Industrial control applications. Specialized in custom visualization programs and event/alarm interface, digital communications between systems and wireless communications.

Contracted for:

Dairy industry (MEVGAL S.A.) (1995): automation of yogurt production

Agricultural industry (1995-present): communication between pump stations and/or water tanks for irrigation systems.

Ceramic and Tile Industries (1996): network for alarm logging and gas consumption.

Units for cement production (1997): automation of production, weighting and transferring.

Senior Engineer

1985-95: Intellectron SA. Thessaloniki GREECE

Was one of developers for the first Greek PLC in both firmware and compiler (compiler written in Borland C, firmware written in 6502 Assembly by means of a Mitsubishi cross-assembler). Other projects were:

Water Company of Thessaloniki: automated water-plants remote management. Performed the analysis, the programming (configuration and protocols) of the radio modems and provided support (C/assembly).

Public Electric Company: monitoring of coal production with wireless communications; performed by sending information to central PLC with wireless modem. (C/assembly)

Machinery textile industry: program and support for Machinery, data acquisition, user interface.


1981-85: B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Technical National Institute, School of Electronics, Thessaloniki, Greece


Programming languages/networking systems:

Operating Systems:


User Interface:

Digital communications:


Available upon request.

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