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Menu page of original art by Rita Peitz. Graphics and web design at its finest.
Up to now I have designed 90 different coordinated page sets for public use, including border backgrounds with matching buttons, bullets and seperators. From romantic to strict ... there should be something to help you to create or improve your pages. The coordinated sets are free for non-commercial pages. All I ask for is a link.
The button shop offers 120 free blank buttons I designed to do your own lettering. From plain to extraordinary, changing buttons with JavaScript - hope you will find what you are looking for.
Do you need your own copyrighted page set, restricted to your personal use? Something unique to meet your taste and requirements? Or are you looking for any other custom graphics, e.g. a banner or outstanding homepage title? Then please get informed here. If you want to use my graphics on commercial pages you will find here further information as well.
The graphic links page offers assorted links to quality pages which will help you further. You will find helpful pages to learn HTML, more superb graphic libraries, tips when making your own graphics, help with web promotion and other useful links.
This page is a summary of the most, mainly graphic related questions, I've been asked. Please read this page first in case you need help. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, then I'll be glad to answer your e-mail.
Please read this page if you are uncertain about which graphics you may use or not, which are copyrighted and which are free for personal pages.
If you are interested in having a look how one of the coordinated sets can be used for an entire page setup, then please visit one of the linked sites of this page.
Midi Highlights My hand-selected collection of outstanding midi files to enhance your page.
Rita's Virtual Post Office Send or pick up your free digital postcard. Show somebody you care and enjoy to even use your own graphics or midi files to create a card.
A Little Bit About Me Meet the webmisstress behind these pages if you like to know a bit about me.
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Rita's Birman Cattery

Menu page of "Rita's Birmans" - my cattery pages.

My seal Birman

Breeding Birmans is my hobby and passion. Hence, I dedicated my wonderful friends a home of their own.
  • Visit my cattery to find a precise breed description
  • Get informed about the Birman standard
  • Meet my enchanting little family members in pictures and pedigrees
  • Enjoy my "Kitten Cradle", a photo series showing one of my Birman litters from birth to the day they move to their new owners.
  • Find many assorted links to lovely cat pages
  • Links to clubs, breeders and vet pages
  • Visit my cat chat room
  • Have a look at my virtual homoeopathy book for cats
  • Just come on in - there's always something new!
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