My name is Vadim Mikhailov.
Welcome to my home page!

Approximately 30 years I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, and 2 last years worked as system administrator in English newspaper The St. Petersburg Times. I managed the office network, including three servers under Novell NetWare 4.1, one - under UNIX (FreeBSD), the router Cisco 2501 and more as 50 workstations (PC under MS Windows 95 and MS Windows 3.11, PowerPC and Macintoshes), printers, modems, etc.

Now me and my wife Xenia Bogoslovskaya-Mikhailova are living in Jerusalem, Israel. It's a really Holy Land!

At this time I'm looking for the job in central area of Israel. I pretend to the position of the system administrator or support engineer. Here you can find my resume and letter of recommendation.

Write me!

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